Teflon tube

We cut PTFE (Teflon) rods to size and drilled holes in them.        

Plastic rubber seal

We can produce products from a variety of materials including fluororesins such as PTFE (Teflon) and PCTFE (Da[…..]

Novelty production

These are bespoke screw-shaped magnets used by Towa Industries, Ltd. A hexagonal bolt is made of PVC and a mag[…..]

Air nozzle

This is a PTFE bellows. Grooves are placed at four locations on the sides by milling.    


This is a PTFE bellows. It is also grooved on the inside and expands and contracts like a spring. Various type[…..]

Sealing parts

PTFE seal with two grooves on the side and end faces. The groove width is narrow, so it is shaved with a speci[…..]

Teflon Collet

This is a small-diameter collet made of PTFE. Burrs and chips are inspected under magnification with a microsc[…..]