About Us


It has been 30 years since my father (current chairman) started a small town factory called Kawamura Seisakusho with a single lathe.
With the support of many people, we have overcome various difficulties, including the bursting of the bubble economy, the Lehman Shock, and the fire that destroyed half of the plant, and we are here today.
Now, compared to the beginning, the number of employees and machines has increased, the factory has become larger, and is gradually transforming from a town factory to a company.
Most of Kawamura Kako’s productions are component pieces.
Even a single small screw is indispensable for making a product.
We put our heart and soul into each and every one of our products.
Kawamura Kako seeks to continuously improve our technology. From, the start our mission has been to manufacture products with care and accuracy to satisfy customers.



Company profile

Trade name Kawamura Co.,Ltd
Head office 1-18-22 Minamisuita, Suitas-City, Osaka  564-0043, Japan
TEL: +81 06-6318-6401 FAX: +81 06-6318-6402
Capital 3 million yen
President Yoshiko Kawamura
Main suppliers Yodogawa Hu-tech Co.,Ltd



1985  April Kawamura Seisakusho is founded by Yoshihiro Kawamura (currentChairman) in Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka City
1991 April Kawamura Kako Ltd. is established.
2012 May Yoshiko Kawamura is appointed as Representative Director following the company’s relocation to Suita City